Controller for Nema 23 Stepper Motor with 100:1 Gearbox

I have purchased the Nema 23 Stepper Motor Bipolar w/ 100:1 High Precision Planetary Gearbox for BBQ grill and I am looking at the controllers to go with the motor. I am requiring around 20 rpm for grill and I want to check if Pololu Tic834 woulb be a compatible controller? T834 can only support resolution up to 1/32 and I am looking at T36v4 too. Your advice is very much appreciated.

Hello @Phyo!

The rated current per phase of that motor is 2.8A. The peak current per phase for the Tic834 is only 2A with additional cooling so that won’t be enough. The TicT249’s peak current per phase is 4.5A (so you could use this one with additional cooling) and for the T36v4 the max continuous current per phase (with no additional cooling) is 4A and 6A with cooling.


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