Control the position of a 360 degree servo motor

Hi guys.
How can I measure and control position of a 360 degree servo motor model DS04-NFC?
Is there a 360 degree servo motor that can control the position?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello @Pedro_Henrique56 and welcome to the forum,

The DS04-NFC is a continuous rotations servo so you can’t control the position. If you want to control the position of the servo you need a standard one.

A standard servo moves on a rotation arc (usually 0-90° or 0-180°) and provides positional feedback to the controller. This lets you move it to a specific point on the rotation arc and the servo reports its position back to the controller. Standard servos work great for things like steering control in R/C applications, controlling a robotic gripperor controlling a pan/tilt bracket like we cover later in this tutorial.

Standard Servo Graphic

A continuous rotation servo (sometimes referred to as a full rotation or just 360° servo) behaves more like a standard DC motor. Instead of controlling the position of the servo, the controller sets the speed and direction of the motor. Continuous rotation servos work well as drive motors or other applications where you need to control the speed and direction of a motor with just a few wires.

Continuous Rotation Graphic

Each type has their benefits and drawbacks so you will want to consider whichever type works best for your servo project.

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I understood! Thanks a lot for the help. I’m from Brazil, forgive my English.

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