Control AL5D withbmodbus tcp or mqtt

Hi dear people,

I want to control an AL5D robot arm through an industrial protocol like modbus tcp, mqtt or ethercap. I’m not a developer and I can’t find any good references how to set this up.
Does someone has experience with this?
Can I use something like a converter board?

Thanks in advance.

@Beers_are_ok Welcome to the RobotShop Community.

Don’t see why not. The arm uses RC servo motors, so you’d ideally look for an RC servo controller which accepts one of these as the communication input. I don’t see RobotShop carrying one at this time, nor can I find one easily online.

A much more expensive arm like this can accept modbus: Niryo Ned2 6-Axis Robot Arm - RobotShop

Note that aside from simple accepting modbus (or other), the software sending the signal would also need to be able to handle inverse kinematics.

What is the application / project?

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