Control 12 servos with the Jetson TK1 & Jetduino

I just posted a new video and blog entry showing how easy it is to control up to 12 standard servos with the Jetson TK1 & Jetduino. The Jetduino is a robotics interface board for the Jetson TK1 embedded supercomputer. It makes it very easy to build robots that can use the parallel processing capabilites of the NVIDIA GPU for vision and neural networks. If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of this project please sign up for my newsletter. I plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign to get the Jetduino produced sometime in March or April, and I will need the help of any makers out there who want to make it easier to build robots or electronic projects with the awesome Jetson TK1. 

Blog Post with YouTube videos:


Here are a couple of links describing the Jetduino.

Jetduino V1 description:

Jetduino V1 test results:

Control 66 digital I/O lines:

Control 24 analog I/O lines:


Really this post helped me
Really this post helped me in understanding. Surely I am going to show my skills in robotics in final year project. Thanks for all the posts and links.