Contest - Make an internet controlled robot


Hi everyone!

We at Livebots are launching a contest to reward the coolest internet controlled robot created until April 30th.

The robots can be anything you want, you are free to use a robot you already had or to create a new awesome one.

The only condition is that you have to allow other people play with it at Livebots :-)


The Prize

The prize is a Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB RAM, offered by G7 Electró


If you're not sure how to put your bot online, here is a tutorial I posted some time ago: 

And if you need inspiration here is a video with some of the bots that have been there:


At the end of the month we will have the voting phase where people will be able to vote for the best three robots, from which we will choose the winner.

Learn more about the contest here:



Here are some examples that you can view on LMR (the first three robots are mine and the other two are navic's):






Can’t wait to see your creations! :smiley:

I had no idea how good your stuff was

Hey guys (I say guys adressing all of the folks doing MegaBots stuff)

I finally got around to playing with your stuff. I did the skype and G+ controllers as well as the robot-computer stuff (tracking etc). It is absolutly incredible. It is so simple, so clear, it worked off-the-shelf with no problem of any kind. It is really fantastic software you guys have written. The arduino side is just as good. The code itself is so straigh-forward and clear, it is just effortless to find what you need and change/remove/modify into the specific bot one is making. Simply fantastic. 

I wish you the greatest of luck on all you do guys, you more than deserve it.

P.s. I would give my left arm to get all your software in an Android version so it could be run off a phone, but for now, I think I might simply make a laptop-sized chassis instead.


Thanks Chris!

Glad you enjoyed it!

When will we see a Rocket Brand Studios internet controlled robot, ready to play with? :wink:

I sent off boards yesterday

I just finished the telepresence boards yesterday and ordered the prototypes. They should be here in a couple weeks. Not quite as fancy as your system though…

Cool stuff XicoMBD, I will

Cool stuff XicoMBD, I will try to get some robot done by the end of April :slight_smile:

I am thinking already along time to do something like that, just to be able to control one robot in my home or somewhere else…



Can’t wait to see what you come up with :wink: