Connectivity of Dr. Robot Jaguar V2 platform and top mount options


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

My department wants to expand towards all-terrain robots, especially for indoor usage. I’m very interested in the Dr. Robot Jaguar V2 platform with the front flipper. However, to facilitate our research we would require:
a) To connect additional external harware by ethernet.
b) Mount some sensor systems to the top plate.

Regarding a:
In the description ethernet connectivity is listed, but there is no picture from the back plate. Is the ethernet adapter only accessible internally or also externally by the back plate?

Regarding b:
Is it possible to mount more hardware (external battery, sensors, PCs, etc.) to the top of the robot? Are there any mounting spots? Does this block any other hardware? Flipping and water-proofness is not a concern when mounting additional hardware.

If there are any other suggestions for similar platforms in a similar price range that also fulfill the requirements, I would be glad if you could share them.

Hardware concerned:
Dr. Robot Jaguar V2

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

@nm_igmr Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Normally the front flippers are used to climb stairs and to self-right.

A1) Not sure. Would need to reach out to the manufacturer. The (default) back plate doesn’t have any connections at all.

A2) The Jaguar V2 is intentionally sealed to be an outdoor platform, so there are no mounting points for additional electronics / sensors other than those which the manufacturer can provide for their optional accessories. You can likely find M/F standoffs with the right dimensions and replace the screws holding the top plate to the frame in order to mount an additional “deck” without voiding the warranty.

A3) What features do you need aside from mounting items externally? What do you mean by “all terrain” but “indoors”?