Connection of New Arduino to SES-V1 ROBOT

Good Afternoon,

Our School has the SES-V1 ROBOT which was operated by the SSC-32U but our school bought the new Arduino. Just wondering the guide to hooking it up as I followed the one that come with the package but it don’t describe the garb/upperarm connections.

Also wondering how to hook up the PS2 controller to it.

Thank you

@jgb011 To confirm, you’d like to switch from the SSC-32U to the BotBoarduino, or you have a different Arduino-based board?

If it’s the BotBoarduino:

You can also see connections here:

Note that the servos need to be powered from VS, whereas the PS2 needs to be powered from VL. Therefore be sure to follow this, including the jumper on the far left:

In the sample code, based around the PS2 library, you’ll see a line with the PS2 pins chosen for each.

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