Connecting multiple uC wirelessly

Beat_Slayer has built a dual Arduino for his robot. He was talking about adding an nrf radio to communicate with it. That led me to wonder if there would be any use for having systems that have pairs, or, more of uC that only communicate via radio.

The thought that came to me was "left brain" "right brain" and the cross polination from more than one "whole brain". I am sure someone will help me flesh out or utterly kill the idea. :D

Any suggestions to help this make more sense to more people are readily accepted.

Well, initially I hadn’t

Well, initially I hadn’t understood your idea, but after reading here more explained, I thought of why not to build a triduino (3 x ATMEG328), use the master uC to make the actual moving, interfacing and sensoring, but use the left/right uCs to interpretate the data from sensors and make decision calculations with different considerations, and then the master uC will choose one of the two decions made by the right/left uCs.

The master uC could even make some tracking of which of the brain sides had a good or bad decision for some situation and then when he reached a similar situtaion he would weigh in in favour of the side with the best outcome so far in that particular situation.

Well, I guess it’s time to start thinking (sparing money) of buying some atmegas and a SD card module, and try the concept.

I am glad to hear I inspired you.

I would like to say that my thought was more wide ranging than a single entity though. Imagine the the “right brain” of Robo1 sends a message to whoever will listen. Maybe it is the “left brain” of Robo1, or, another part of a different “brain”. Maybe a hive mind that encompasses two different ideologies.

Am I making more sense, or, just muddying the water?

You mean something like: uCs

You mean something like: uCs streaming data, and whichever uCs collects that data, interprets it and streams out is avaliation/conclusion, and so goes…

Something like a Rmesh on a feedforward backpropagation artificial neural network.