Connecting Bluetooth to starter bot (PicAxe)

I'm new to the bot thing, and just built the starter bot.

Can someone please tell me if this item could be (relatively) easy to connect and use with board I have?

Please don't buy the last one, as if this can work, I need one! XD

Anyhow, I'm needing to have the robot go towards the direction it detects the bluetooth device from.
Is this a good idea to do it, or is there another cheap/effecient way to do so?


I think you are confused

Bluetooth is a communication system. It allows you to use your phone as a remote control, or return sensor data to your pc and a number of other uses, but it does not track or locate anything.
You might want to research using IR beacons if you want your robot to go to a location. There are a number of members here who have done this using LMR’s search page here are the results.

If you do want to buy a bluetooth module you can certainly find them cheaper than the one you linked to.

Thanks for the tips…Can

Thanks for the tips…

Can you refer to me a place to buy a cheaper module?
I really don’t know what to look for, so advice or examples there are great!

But on the last thing, I don’t think I’m confused on the locating thing:
I know there are apps for phones that allow them to detect how far it is from another bluetooth device.
So, wouldn’t I be able to have it move around with a similar program, to locate the source of the signal,
turning around if the signal weakens, going stright if it is decreasing?

In essence, I want it to be able to come to me.
Even if others are around, I want it to somehow zoom onto me, unless you have other suggestions there?
I figured running by the signal of the bluetooth range may be the best in a bigger or more crowded room.
However, I would need to try to keep it at least relatively concealed…
Like in a shoe maybe?

So I though phone may work better for the tracking device.
Still think the IR is better, in spite of my limitations?


Ok looks like I learned

Ok looks like I learned something. I might have to download one of these apps and see how effective they are. Most of those modules only get a range of 10 metres, I’ve heard some say only effective in one room, so I’m still not sure it will be of any use to you. Although I didn’t realise you’d be the beacon, so  IR beacons are probably impractical then.

What’s the name of the app you intend to use?

Here’s a cheaper one. But it could be the slow boat to you. Most times I get things from Hong Kong in about 2 weeks.


I downloaded the Android App simply names “Bluetooth Finder”.
I’m new to bots, but by no means new at technology, and already know some programming.
In fact, this is being worked on as a project for my site, for the cosplay section.

The app, in a room with my wifi, could detect my other phone on low battery, from about 6 feet with a couch in the way.
Now, I know that’s not much, but I had my PC on wifi right between them and my body, to test interference.
I forgot to check it without interference, TBH! XD
Anyhow, I figured I could try to use whatever programming, and convert stuff to use on the bot at some point.

It measures the signal in dB, IIRC, so while I know it’s not going to be perfect off to bat,
I can probably be creative enough to still get it to do what I want it to.
I’m thinking of using my phone to emit a certain frequency, maybe with binaural, for it to find what direction,
in the even it can’t find my phone directly. 

But, to find something like this, what do I search for?
I just search for “Bluetooth modules” and get stuff for laptops,
yet searching for “bluetooth module robotics” turns in the high dollar stuff… XD  

You still might find some

You still might find some technical difficulties with this one. Because the app is on your phone this would mean the phone would need to be on your robot, I’m thinking. Then you need some means for the robot to communicate with the app which is unlikely to be built into the app.
Unless you can pull apart the guts of the app and build it from code used on your picaxe and forget about your phone app. Maybe one of the other guys here knows more about using those modules. I’ve only used one and made an app to remote control an arduino. A very basic one at that.

I’m not going to tell you it’s impossible because as you pointed out someone has done it for iphone and android but to do it in picaxe basic? I’m not sure how you’d begin.

It certainly sounds like an interesting idea and if you manage to do it I would love to see the details.

Connecting pins

I got this BT piece:

It has 5 pins on it. I know what the ground is. :stuck_out_tongue:
There’s 2 voltage pins, 3.3v and 5v, I’m assuming I only connect the 5v pin…

But there’s 3 more, KEY, TXD and RXD… 
Can someone tell me what they are, independent, and in relationship to a picaxe28 board?

From the sellers site:

From the sellers site:

If you do a little search on google for arduino+bluetooth+HC-05 you’ll find a lot of information.