Connecting ARC32 with USB not possible

10 years bevor, I got a Phoenix Hexabot from Lynxmotion with PS2 Controller up and running.
Today I found him, but I´m unable to connect him.
In the “GeräteManager” I have no Com Port but a Communication Port with a yellow exclamation mark, so I can not connect lynxterminal or the micro basic IDE.
I tried some drivers with no acess.
I found a datasheet of this board on the internet bot not a special driver.
Maybe somebody have a link for a driver.
I use Windows 10 64bit, I have no problems to connect arduinos, esp32 …
Please help, thanks in advanced, sorry for my English…

@edmund1 Can you provide a few clear photos of the electronics? If you have a Bot Board 2 and Basic Atom, then you can try this guide:

You can find the guides for the Basic Stamp, Basic Atom, Bot Board etc. here:

Basic Micro discontinued their microcontroller lineup many years ago, so the Lynxmotion robots were migrated over to Arduino, using the BotBoarduino microcontroller. The SSC-32 has evolved into the SSC-32U.

You wrote in the title that you have an ARC32, though that was never part of a Lynxmotion Phoenix kit. The ARC32 (documentation here) seems to use an FTDI USB to serial chip, so the drivers can be found here:

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Hi and thanks for your quick reply
I allready have the exact datasheet of the bord, and the FTDI is(re) installed - no sucess.
The kit was from a german shop, with only this arc32 board and with the controller it is still working, but now I will more with programming - autonom walking with US Sensor or a lidar or…
I found this projekt:
Do you think it is possible to do this with the ARC32 without connecting via USB?
If not, what Controller do you recomment.
Thanks again, and nice greets from Austria.

Hmm, that’s not a kit RobotShop ever offered, and we’re not aware of programming specific to the ARC-32. If you suspect there are issues with connecting the ARC-32 via USB to a computer, it seems there are UART jumpers (page 10) where you can connect an external USB to serial adapter to program the BAP.
You also might want to check your connections to S1, S2 and VL to ensure everything’s powered.

You are right about USB and I remember there was something with fake FDTI Chips, they where broken with an update, I will try with an update from 2012.
But - this board is outdated and a new board, perhaps with an ESP lib should be a interesting way.
What board would you recomment?

Since the mechanics seem similar to the Lynxmotion Phoenix, you might consider a Lynxmotion BotBoarduino + CCS-32U. However, you should measure the mounting hole locations or be prepared to create an adapter place.

Not sure if you’d also need this for your PS2 receiver:

There have been many subtle variations with PS2 receivers which have required different connections. If you want to avoid issues and get a matched set:

Power (example): WH-01 Wiring Harness with Battery Connector - RobotShop

Guide: 3DOF / 4DOF Hexapod Assembly Guides

Ok, I deinstalled the FDTI driver and with this Un-brick FTDI 232R USB serial converter or Fixing Fake FTDIs [] I was able with an old driver (2.10) to connect. But I think because of my knowledge with Arduino and ESP I will go further with a SSC 32U Servo controller and an ESP32.
Many thanks for your help. :+1: