Connect more than one battery to Wild Thumper 4WD

Hello all, 

I am a beginner in both robotics and electronics. I have read several places that the Wild Thumper has room for more batteries, but  no directions on how to connect them. Being new to electronics, I am not sure what implications an extra 7.2. 5000mah NIMH battery would have - or how to. 

I have tried find some ready-to-use wires on the internet shops. I guess it is so simple that it is simply not needed. Anyhow, help on this issue would be appreciated :-) 



Firstly, allowing that the

Firstly, allowing that the WT has room for more batteries, why do you want more batteries? If it is to add endurance then wire an additional 7.2V battery in parallel with the first, +ve to +ve and -ve to -ve. Effectively, you are creating a larger battery pack at the same voltage.

If you want to separate motor batteries from controller batteries (what I am doing on a WT6) then the controller battery may be of a different voltage, will probably be smaller in capacity and perhaps even a different chemistry, will probably need a regulator, and must have a common ground with the 7.2V motor battery pack.

Read up a bit about the concepts. 


Thanks for your replies.