Connect a PICAXE to a Parallax board

A few years ago I bought a Parallax servo controller.  It hooks directly up to my PC via a USB cable so I can play around with servos. (Servos have a separate power source)  It was a good learning experience.  But now I am wondering how I can interface my PICAXE-28 Project board to my Parallax servo controller.  The manual for the servo board talks about getting a separate power source for the servos and for the controller chip. I really don’t' want to fry either of these boards, so I thought I would ask here.

The PICAXE is from the start here robot kit.

Link to the USB servo controller (Manual on page):


That board does not appear

That board does not appear to support i2c, so you are limited to serial communication. You should be able to set up serial communications between the two board. The Parallax board says it can receive serial commands.


Thanks for the reply!
I have to admit im a big newbie.  I have no idea what i2c is.  where can I find info on it?
how do you set up a serial connection on the picaxe board?

Sorry to have so many questions.

I do appreciate the help.

Read this document on how to

Read this document on how to use i2c with the Picaxe.