Concept of a learning robot based on VSLA

Concept_of_a_learning_robot_based_on_VSLA_-Chapter_1_0.pdf (84365Bytes)
Concept_of_a_learning_robot_based_on_VSLA-_Chapter_2.pdf (76519Bytes)

My next robot will be based on a variable structure stochastic learning automaton (VSLA) , which is similar to the approach David L. Heiserman describes in his book How to Build Your Own Self-Programming Robot. As I am using quite a lot of mathematical notations and equations I have attached the first chapter as a pdf for better readability. I'll add more chapters later.

Update 22/09/2012: Chapter 2 attached

Wow, that’s heavy stuff, at

Wow, that’s heavy stuff, at least for my math experience :wink: Will follow this anyway, even if I do not understnad 10% of it LOL


I hope, chapter 2 makes the

I hope, chapter 2 makes the concept more clear.

I mean, yes…it’s more

I mean, yes…it’s more clear but looking at your math is still like looking into a black hole for me :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to ask if

Don’t hesitate to ask if something is unclear. The concept itself is really not that complicated :slight_smile:

I think some get put off of all those mathematical symbols. But I tell you, mathematicians are just lazy. We don’t write f is a function of x’, just f(x). We don’t write, 1 is an element of the set of natural numbers, just 1 . We don’t write  …for all n, just …∀ n.