Computer On Wheels Controller

Hi guys,
Since last week, I've been learning c++ and openFrameworks and creating a application to control any robot with a computer on it or, at least connected to one by someway.
It is supposed to be simple to implement and use.
You just need to run the application and program your robot to read the following chars and act corresponding to them:
  • 'w' to move forward;
  • 's' to move backward;
  • 'a' to spin to the left;
  • 'd' to spin to the right;
  • 'g'  to stop;


It includes the following functions for now:

  • Manual Control: 
    • By the keyboard; 
    • With a wiimote; 
    • With another computer; 
    • With a cellphone;
    • Etc.
  • Autonomous control: 
    • Color tracking;
    • Walls avoidance; 
    • Line Following.


If you remember any others, please tell me :)
If you want to try the app, you just need to download the zipped file called "ComputerOnWhellsController" found here, unzip it and run the .exe on the bin folder. You don't need to have a bot connected to the computer, you just need a webcam.
Feedback is always welcome :)