Computer Controlled RC Car with Wireless Camera


I wanna a project for my studies...

here is what i would like to make..

1. A RC Car that is controlled via computer and not by the its remote. i wanna create a application that controls the car and also displays real time video.

2. I wanna use zigbee (XBEE pro) for transmitting and receving commands and controls.

3. Wanna use mobile phone (wifi) camera for video transmission.


now i wanna know How can make this ???

1. which microcontroller should i use ????

2. which software should i use to make the compuetr app.

3. which software should i use to program the microcontroller ?????????????

4. should i use zigbee or not ???? i want the transmitter to be connected to the computer via USB and not serial....

5. please tell me what stuff i require to make the project .....


please help me ....




This seems to be a popular

This seems to be a popular question and the usual response is unless you are expirienced with making an led blink, you should probably consider a less ambitious project.

That being said, do you have expirience with with microcontrollers? Have you tried to do any research on what you could possibly use?

To answer your questions…

1. Q: hich uproc should you use…


Easy but slow – The recommended one to use and would work would be a picaxe. I would recommend at least a 28x2 or 40x2 if you plan to add sensors. a 20x2 if you only plan on using it to control the rc cars motor and steering.

Harder but cheap – AVR or PIC. You’ll need to learn C or assembler for these, but they will execute faster.

Harder and Expensive – Beagle board, sam7/9, xmos. Expensive and possiblely harder to get started with initiailly

2. Q: What software should you use.

A: Do you know any languages would be the first question, if not, well, you could try your hand at Visualbasic, Processing, C.

3. Q: Which software should you use.

A: Figure out which proc you want to use first. picaxe, avr, pic processors all have a dev environment that you can download for free. Go to each respective companies site…it’s just a google click away to find them.

4 Q:should I use zigbees?

A: Zigbees are fine to use.

5. Q:what do I need.

A: RC car, microprocs, a computer to develop on and use for controlling, soldering iron, tweezers, wire clipers, wire, soldering iron, various resistors, video camera with transmitter and reciever, lots of time, money.

thanks for the

thanks for the replies…


i am a computer engineering student…i know C, C++ and my partner know visual basic.

i know little about microcontrollers though i wrote some programs in assembly language for 8051 etc…i can write basic assembly programs…

i have Xbee pro and a pic ucontroller as well as AVR with me …

as for the other parts like soldering iron, tweezers, wire clippers, wire, etc i have…

time = around 40 - 50 days



i dont know about any of the other stuff but if u know c++ then u should use arduino micro controller

its programed in c ++ as well , but picaxe is good to

Sounds like you have a

Sounds like you have a pretty good start on knowledge and parts to get started so I’d refer to oddbots response at this point and get started. Come up with a plan on what you want, what it will do and how you will do it. Draw out flow charts of how you want things to work and document as much as possible. If you have a whiteboard/dry erase board, use it, draw sketches of how the componenets would work and such.

Start building individual pieces and after they have been tested, start assembling.

Document your source as well as much as possible.

Mobile Phone

"Wanna use mobile phone (wifi) camera for video transmission."


Could you explain this a little bit further? Why is it that you opted to use a phone camera over something else? I am a bit confused as to how you are going to make the wifi connection to the phone camera. Did you plan to make a camera applet to upload imagery to a computer?


Do you plan to use the video for navigation / obstacle detection purposes? Or simply for something to look at? As each will have different requirements.

I will use a thrid party app

I will use a thrid party app that makes the phone camera as a wireless webcam using wifi…

i opted for a mobile camera beocz of shortage of money as wireless wifi cameras are very expensive…

if u have a better idea then please let me know…