Compatability/confirmation of Micro/limit switch specs

I’d like to confirm the compatability of one of your micro contact/limit switches, this one seems best as far as I can see: Tamiya SKU: RB-Tam-71, Manufacturer #: 75016
I’m a bit unsure though because in the specs it says…

  • 5A Micro Switch
  • Uses 6V and up to 4A capacity
    But it also has ‘5A’/125V on its side in the product photo and says 5A in the heading.
    I need at least 14 of them to control track power (15V, 5A) and related control panel lights on my HO scale, DCC operated, model railroad.
    I also need a reliable multi-meter. If anyone has a strong suggestion for one of Robot Shop’s products.
    Thanks for your help!
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Hi @MartinTHB and welcome to the forum.

There is no detailed datasheet for Rb-Tam-71 but there is for RB-Dfr-308 and those are very similar (probably the same).

So here is a datasheet for Rb-Dfr-308 which is in fact Omron SS-5GL:
SS-5GL-Omron datasheet.pdf (592.5 KB)

So according to the table, at 14VDC you can “cut” resistive load at 5A. So, you are probably somewhere on the limit (not sure if you will have 5A current running all the time on your project). So probably it will work, but maybe the circuit breakers will not last that much (it depends how often you use them for breaking the circuit).

If you want to be safe for long time, you can find 10A micro switch somewhere (like Omron SS-10). I hope this helps.

Hi Igor_X,
Very helpful - thanks!

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You are welcome :slight_smile: