Commercially available robot and/or kit designed for control over WAN

Apologies if I am in the wrong category - I’m new here…
I’m looking for a telepresence type robot that can definitely be controlled over the internet. NOT just from a LAN that the controller and robot are connected to.
I have this: Appbot Riley Home Safety Movable Camera Robot - Google Search and it works just fine.
However, I’m now looking for more capability, including a spot light that I can turn on/off, a simple arm or gripper capable of picking up a very light webcam and dropping it off somewhere else. Tracked would be preferred but not required.
This is for indoor use and no requirement to climb stairs.
I have experience with kits and am happy to build one. It’s the WAN part that has me scratching my head. I assume I would have to subscribe to some cloud service like Arduino Cloud,, etc?
I would prefer not to have to “port forward” or punch a hole in a router, but instead subscribe to a service such as all the security cameras (Wyze, Ring, Reolink, etc.) have as part of their product.
Can someone point me to some options?

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Hello @lmichel and welcome to our forum.

I didn’t know about this Appbot Riley, but it looks interesting. I cannot see how much did it cost since it seems unavailable now.

However, you can see here which Security and Surveillance Robots does RobotShop sell:

SInce you mentioned you would like some more advanced robot with gripper and arm, this could be a good solution:

But yes, the price is high for this one :slight_smile:

Igor_X, thank you for the advice.
Yes, Appbot Riley is still available, but now from another company. It only cost about $50 US.
The difference between Appbot Riley and anything I see in Robotshop is that Appbot Riley does NOT have to be connected to the same WiFi Network Name as where you are controlling it from.
For example, I live in New York and I can control my Appbot to check on my house in Texas while I am away. Are you aware of anything in Robotshop that will allow me to do that also? Please let me know. I’d be willing to pay more for it :slight_smile:

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Hi @lmichel !

Thank you for your reply.

RobotShop does sell EBO Air Full House Mobile Monitoring Robot:

It does seem very similar to Appbot Riley although it doesn’t have a robotic arm as you would like. Please have a look.