Collect button for Robots


Old LMR had a collect button, so you could “bookmark” and also indirectly like a robot. It was also nice to sometimes browse the collections of other members, to see robots that I missed, or just see what other people liked (since I may like what people did, and checkout what they like, as they may have inspiring ideas/taste).

Ideally, you could import the previous collections into this new bookmark system, or whatever you want to call it.


P.S.: I like that the robot section is more structured, and lists and links the components that were used. Adding more structure to this section in general seems like a great idea.


Thank you ! :+1:

And we have submitted your suggestion to the team for the Collection/Bookmark (since it was mentioned in the chat too).
Have a great day :slight_smile:

I would like to second these points and add some. The collect feature (and the ability to see what others have collected) is a valuable feature. Before building my first bot, I learned a lot about what robots engaged peoples’ interest by observing how people reacted to prior projects.

The most collected list made this easy. I could infer a lot from the velocity (1st derivative) of the movement of new bots up that list. Something might have been collected a lot less than others, but if it did it in a short period of time, then for me, that meant it could be a truly engaging idea/robot or look. These insights were and are important to me, as robots derive their value in many cases by their symbiotic relationship with people and their emotions.

I personally found it very motivating when anything I did was collected. If no one had cared, perhaps I would not have even built or published some of my projects. They certainly would have been different, lacking the insights gained from observing peoples’ interests.

Some projects are posted early in a far from finished state, or only first as an idea on paper. Often, we want to follow these projects as they develop over time. A project when updated, returned to the top so we could see it again. Does the new site work that way? It seems like it may not. If it does not, and we can’t collect them easily, then projects will disappear, perhaps never to be noticed or followed again. If so, this subtracts a lot of value as it lessens the chance of noticing the ongoing progress of larger projects such as MDI#4 and the like. I am 1 year into my latest project (unposted). It will likely take several more years. Will people be able to follow it or notice when I make periodic updates? I think these details are important to have a community.

I would also like to be able “follow” particular makers, and get notifications of anything new they are doing or writing. For me, following particular bots and makers is what LMR is all about. Anything that makes that easier is a good thing in my book. I realize other people have other reasons for engagement.