Circle zero 2 lights flashing

Hello, i bought my circle zero from a person and she tolds me it was fonctionnal, but when i plugged it it works, i put my hand in front of sensor to activate it, and stop 7 mins. After that the cleaning process start and the 2 lights flashing too. The litter box doesn’t want to stop at this moment, but if i put my hand in front of the sensor again, it is stopping right away, what should i do?

Hello @Thekaypee ,

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We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Circle-Zero robot.

It is normal for the scoop to rotate 4 times in total, but if it continues to rotate, there are two reasons;

  1. The sensor cannot recognize the correct position due to sand or dust trapped in the position sensor under the motor shaft, the scoop continues to rotate.
  2. It can be caused by poor assembly of the lower mold of the black sandbox and the lower mold of the white cover.

Here is how you can fix this:

  1. Please reassemble correctly after disassembly. This problem occurs when the coupling between the motor shaft and the motor center rotation shaft is incorrect.
  2. If it is the same after reassembly, reassemble and clean the sand between the motor shaft and the correct position with a vacuum cleaner or a brush, and then reassemble.
  3. If the above method does not solve it, please send us a video showing the issue.

Please let us know how it goes.


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