Christmas mini project

Well i have an idea in my mind about a mini christmas project but i dont know how to make it.

The idea.

It will be an arduino with a buzzer ,a small lcd display (16x2 probably) ,a big red push button and some red leds.

What this thing is going to do ?

Every time you connect it to your pc though usb port and you push the red button it will tell you how many

days , months,minutes ,etc are left for the christmas eve ,new years eve .

But when the christmas eve come and you push the button it will say with big letters it's christmas ,the leds  will be blinking all the time and a christmas tone is going to be played though the buzzer .

What im not sure about is what lcd display to choose serial or paralllel (because i haven't worked with lcd displays in the past)

how to interface it with the arduino and how to play the music with the buzzer .

Any suggestions accepted.


Get a lcd that is serial enabled, period. One wire instead of many, super easy commands. Worth every penny of the extra 10 bucks. Sparkfun has good ones --I like the white letters on black background.

Why hook it up to the pc?

Why do you need to hook up to a pc?

The connection with the pc is required since arduino does not have inbuild clock and has to be synchronized with the pc in order to get the time.If im saying something wrong correct me.

This is the only reason.

Chris please give me a link if you can because I dont have time to search now.

As long as the Arduino stays

As long as the Arduino stays powered you can keep time with it pretty accurately. There is probably a library already out there that does it for you or just make a timer with an incrementing counter if necessary to count 1 sec. Does the device really need to be portable? Why not leave it plugged in to your PC. That way you can push the button to your hearts content.




well i think that the connection with th pc is ok but if can make it portable why not ?

It is a good idea but how much energy this thing consume .But  how Im going to set the time if the cell battery go off.

The coin battery will keep

The coin battery will keep the clock going for 5 years and it will keep correct time even if you move the breakout board over to another project later or just leave it in a drawer for years, as long as you leave the battery in.

You have to set the current date/time via i2c.

what to buy list.

Here is a list with what  I think i need to buy from your suggestions and mine too.

1 x   : 26,95 $

1 x   :  1.95$

1 x  : 2.95$ or 1 x (I dont know what of the two to buy because the super bright version may shed light on the lcd screen and cover the text.)

1 x big  red push button (I have searched sparkfun’s catalog but there is no red push button of between 30 and 50 mm diameter,there is one red but its huge 100mm are too much )

1 x : 9$

Shipping : 15-17 $

Total : 57.85 $ + the big push button.