Chinese Hexapod

I bought a cheep robot from aliexpress a while ago and have now finally assembled it. But i cant really figure out how to program the servo controller board witch came with the kit. There where no instructions from the seller and the only writing on the board is “lobot” witch i tried several of software from with no luck. If anyone has any experience with a kit like this and got it working please contact me.

The robot-kit

Did you email the supplier?

Yes, but they haven’t answeard

Hey @GreenStreet,

From my experience, they usually copy things :slight_smile:

So, if you find an original version of the board, the software that is working with it will probably work with your board.

Also, if they are not replying, open a dispute and they will answer :slight_smile:

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Cant open a dispute since this was a order from last year that just have been sitting in its box until now :wink:

I received a answer from the company that manufacturing “lobot servo controller boards” but this type of board is not among there products. Witch like you say probably means that it is some kind och clone. From what I can read of the chips its MEGA168PA and SL2101 communication since this is pretty standard components i have managed by other means to get a serial connection to the board. But the problem is the firmware I have no idea witch commands its suppose to respond to.

I have just order me a Ardunio mega board and some breakout bords for servo control so if I dont get any reply I will probably just abandon this bord and try to make it work using standard ardunio components.

Ok :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:

@GreenStreet I found this while searching for “32 Channel Serial Servo Controller Interfacing”:

This appears to be the software that is used:

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Some update! Still no reply from the seller so I won’t ahead and started using the botboardunio + scc32u. I finally got some movement from the robot :grin: the next problem now is the bad quality of the servo motors :unamused: it’s suppose to be Tower pro MG996 but is probably just a cheap Chinese copy since I have hade to open three of them because the gears hade shifted and jaimed the motors

and one of them hade a IC board fried :thinking:

Very well I was going the invest in new servos any way just wanted to know that everything else worked first.

Do you guys have any recommendations for servo motors that would work good for a hexapod spider robot?

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