Chinese 32 channel servo controler board

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 I have chinese 32 channel servo driver board & it works well via USB cable with Win 7.  but i need to control this device wirelesly & i tried with APC 220 wireless module & some other bluetooth modules and didnt work.. both (APC 220 & bluetooth module) show the connection is established & receving data from pc by bliking orange led on servo board, when i move servo sliders in software. but servo does not work..  after few moves of servo slider, blinking orange LED also does not response. i used different baudrate but didnt success..

is there anyone who know about this...??? please help me...

32 channel servo controler board

many thanks for your reply…

(Not SSC-32 controler…, this is USC 32 channel servo controler from “torobot”. manual is attached )

i connected TX to RX and RX to TX corectly…with APC 220 but didnt work… one APC 220 module i connected to computer with  USB to UART converter which came with  APC 220 modules & other one connected 32 servo board.  this working very well with USB cabe… signal receiving indicator (orange LED) on servo board shows it receving data when i move slider of software but servo not moving…

32 channel servo controler board

thanks for your reply…

hear i atached all the manuals and photos and videos… (please sorry for the quality of videos and photos…) there are no codes for this and i used the software wich come with 32 servo controler board




Did you change the baud rate of the BT unit itself?

Did you change the baud rate of the BT unit itself?

32 channel servo controler board

yes… i checked with different baud rate


Hi nilan,

Did you solve already this issue?

32 Channel Servo Control Board & Robot PS2 Controller & Receiver

i Buy this from aliexpress … 

They r providing new software Servo controller ver 3.1.3 , i buy this for 18 dof hexapod 

when i program 3 servo its ok … but when i use 18 servo on chassis … it will deform 

it burn my 2 servo … thare is no ps2 option on this programm …


any idea plz Help