Cheap CCD or CMOS camera with external sync


I am doing and experiement where I need 2 camera but the capability of handling an external Sunc signam.
Most of the units I have seen are either too large or too expensive. A single board unit would be perfect.



I am a bit lost on what you are after.

This is what came to my mind though.

Ok. I want to use two

Ok.  I want to use two camera’s in a stereoscopic system so I can get depth perception using video goggles.  With two camera’s running with a master clock it is made simple as I can syncronise the left and right frame to the backlight of the individual goggles lcd display.

Failing this I will try and to a left/right system using an LM1881 and likewise use the backlight to illuminate left or right.

Third possibility is to use an wired version of a 3d glasses and sit that between the video goggles and the wearer.



Ok.I am making a


I am making a stereoscopic video system for a animatronic costume. Normally I would butcher 2 video glasses and merge them so that each of the LCS’s is run by it’s own controller board. Unfortunately this is expensive since all I need out of one of the unit is the controller and the optics/lcd’s go to waste.

With the above each camera feed’s to it’s own LCD giving stereoscopic vision.

If I can work out a way to merge the video signals and  use something to blank the LCD  (backlight?) then I can show one frame to the unblanked LCD - switch the blank states, and then show the next frame to the other LCD… essentially giving me stero vision but still only using one video goggle.

The big issue is syncing the two camera signals.  There is this article

which uses an LM1881 however it still rely’s on having the two camera’s synced together. 

This shows possibilites where I could use the same clock to both camera’s.

Camera’s are cheap…  $400 a pair video goggles are not :slight_smile: