Changing the stock Lynxmotion Aluminum A4WD1 wheels

Hi All, I got a Lynxmotion Aluminum A4WD1 Rover Kit. I am mounting a small “robot” on top of it. The problem I am having is that with relatively small loads (2.5 lbs) I am losing the ability to turn. I suspect that if I got a set of hard wheels and replaced them with the wheels that come with the bot this problem would be solved. Can anyone recommend a different set of wheels to use?

Is it also possible I would benefit from have stronger motors to power the wheels? If so, what motors should I get?



@Donkeysaddle Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Indeed skid steering, especially turning on the spot requires the right combination of motor, wheels and dimensions, as well as the surface, angle and payload. The wheels are effectively being forced sideways.

DC Spur gear motors:

Note that more rigid wheels likely won’t have a big effect as again, they’re being forced sideways on the surface. The motors have a bigger effect. In this case, the A4WD1 uses specific spur gear motors, so it’s a question of finding alternatives with either a more powerful motor and/or higher gear ratio.

The A4WD1 includes the following which you can use to compare.

Last, note that the total payload not only includes the “robot” but all of the electronics and batteries.

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Hi @cbenson thanks for the thorough and thoughtful response. I think you are absolutely correct. It’s not just the wheels, its the motors as well. And yes, it’s the payload required to operate the robot that is the real problem.

With that said I think a harder and narrower set of wheels will result in better turning capabilities. But getting motors with more torque would probably be good too (maybe more important). I am aware of the motors that come with my bot, but I have bene unable to find a suitable replacement. Any ideas?

Same fore the wheels, I know the specs I need, but I haven’t found anything that I am confident will work.

I am all ears!



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Similar motors with the same mounts include:

… and many, many more.

HOWEVER, you need to take a look at their nominal voltage, and even more importantly, their overall length compared to the one which comes with the A4WD1 (you don’t want to end up in a situation where the two motors back to back don’t fit). You’ll also need to convert Kg-cm to oz-in.

These are the tires which are included with the A4WD1:

Almost the same diameter, a 6mm bore and won’t need a hub:

However “guaranteed to work”?.. no clue.

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Thanks! Just ordered one of the 12VDC 152RPM 20.8oz-in GHM-13 Spur Gear Head Motor! Seems to be identical the ones that come with the Lynxmotion but with some added gears to allow for more torque!

Great help! Unfortunately, those wheels have a much smaller outer diameter than the talons so they will not work. But Appreciate the help! This was awesome!