Chains sprockets and motors

-I’m working on developing a tracked robot. I not too keen on a lot of the electronics but I’ll be using a fly sky 10ch and a Arduino mega to allow me access to more then 4 axis joystick control. I plan to use a separate toggle channel to flip my stick from controlling wheel/camera movement to arm movement.

-BUT I’m not there yet. im looking to order this #35 K1 CHAIN and attach 3D printed cleats to every other link, allowing the in odd links to simply rest on the pads helping to distribute the weight. My goal is to 3D print the track pads and a sprocket inside a wheel for the chain to ride so all the weight wasn’t bearing on the sprocket teeth. I thought of running a power cable to it (hardwired) would also make it handy to retrieve if it gets stuck or maybe a pair of 3s lipos? My two issues that im trying to work out that i need help or advice on is motors/motor controller and sprocket size

  • Im not looking for anything fast. maybe being able to travel .5 to 1 m/s or 2mph? and I’d like to be able to climb a 4-inch lip if need be. so i was considering a sprocket that was 7.5in (190mm) tall.
    -trying to mount the drive axle as low as possible to give as much ground clearance as i can. and suggestions on motors and controllers or am i missing something completely obvious to someone as to why my plan would need to change