Capacitive touch board for TI Launchpad MSP430

Just a note that this is a pretty sweet device and worth it for the price. Hell, the launchpad alone is worth the price considering it's utiility and fun aspect. I picked up two of these and just played around with the default app, when I have more time, hoping to make it useful and do stuff(control motor speed or something like that.)


I ordered one of each, they

I ordered one of each, they have yet to arrive. How much time did they take to reach you ?

about a week and a half…I

about a week and a half…I got the status of when it arrived in TX from Singapor, but they never sent the tracking info from that point to my location in LA, Ca.

Have you used the msp430 series before? I’ve personally found it a lot easier to use than the AVR attiny and in general, a fun chip to use. I’ve learned quite a bit in terms of using ic’s since using this chip.

i dont have experiance with

i don’t have any experience with any TI products :slight_smile: i also ordered some samples. looking forward to it though .

Got a couple launchpads

TI on the comeback?  I found their website rather clunky - that and it 404’d a couple times.  Hopefully, the uC will do better.  They certainly invested a lot in marketing.

Voodoobot, Do they have libraries on the same level as Arduino - Servo’s, Wireless, etc?  Recently, I’ve become very frustrated with Arduino’s wireless and servo conflicts :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not as mature but I’ve

It’s not as mature but I’ve read of a few people on the popular sites building libraries that would be similar to the arduino. This guy has a great site that intros the proc and I highly recommend looking at it to get a good intro. One thing to consider is that this proc is a low power application proc(I’m looking at running it from a solar panel with bat backup) but it could be used in other ways.

Honestly, I’ve enjoyed working with plain c on this proc even with the leaner amount of docs but I think they are trying. The datasheets I think are pretty good, though some have said they are cryptic. One of the great things(if you use windows at least) is the dev environment. I use CCS 4 which is based on eclipse 3.2 so it’s a bit dated but they are working on a new version that is in beta and uses eclipse 3.6. Interactive debugging is one of the nice features as well.

I agree on the site, it’s been a bit on the clunky side and in some cases, I’ve had to search google to get a link to something vs using the site to nav.

Hopefully I’ll have some example work soon. I’m moving this month and have packed up most of my gear for the move…

Lookin forward to your example

I just ordered a couple of the launchpads (finally made it through the checkout process)

An IDE based on eclipse !?!  I love eclipse !  Honestly, I’m pretty sick of the Arduino IDE - there have been no improvements.  I don’t know if they don’t care, or they won’t branch off of Processing.  The double-click text does not function as I’d expect, the tab-indention is funky, and the fonts on unix won’t show underline… Grrr… Anyway, just as I speak, I’ve run into an Arduino pre-processor bug which doesn’t filter out includes based on #ifdef 's .  Grrrr…Grrr…  Interactive debugging would be a big plus!

I’m an eclipse fan, and have

I’m an eclipse fan, and have enjoyed the IDE but the older one is currently only able to run under windows due ot some other tools that may be windows specific. Not quite sure about the new beta. You still can do a lot if you run linux or OSX though with the toolchains that are available, though I havn’t tried. 

I have to agree on the Arduino IDE, it has to be one of the biggest frustrations…just an glorified text editor with macro funcitons…To me even the picaxe programmer was better…Hpe you enjoy the procs when ya get em, and at the price, they are cheap enough that it’s no big loss…btw, the fact that they come with so much as a starter kit…I would give em away as a present…just because they are so simple and easy to get started with.  :D

I ordered one about 3weeks

I ordered one about 3weeks ago on a Thursday afternoon, and it arrived that Wednesday.

does it come with the launchpad

It says it comes with a pre-loaded processor, but does it come with the launchpad board?

Each kit comes with 2 procs,

Each kit comes with 2 procs, one with loaded software, the other blank. It comes with both mail and female headers, the 32khz crystal, a usb cable, and yes, the board comes with it to. To get started, you don’t even need to solder the headers on the board. It has 2 leds 1 reset button and another action button(that you have control of). There are plenty of things that you can do with the board just as it is like learning the timers, interactivity with the button(yeah even one button can do a lot) and of course making the leds do blinky things. Just with that alone you are only scratching the surface but it’ll give you a good intro. The only thing you need is the dev environment, the datasheets,and some reading time to go over the tutorials as well as the user guide…especially the user guide…this pretty much fills in a lot of holes that the datasheets for the procs might have…

No, I meant the capacitive touch board

Does the capacitive touch board come with a launchpad board?  

No, the cap touch booster

No, the cap touch booster kit is like an arduino shield, it’s just an add-on. It just comes with the cap touch addon board, and a 20pin proc MSP430G2452(one of their new chips).