Capacitive Force Sensor and the AL5D

I have an AL5D robotic arm with an SSC-32U servo controller board and Servo Sequencer Utility software. I am trying to integrate the Capacitive Force Sensor (8 mm 1 N - SKU: RB-Pre-03) onto the gripper so that I can get feedback on how tight the gripper is gripping an object. Is there a way to connect this sensor to the SSC-32U Controller to get feedback from the sensor to understand and set limits on grip force? Would also like to use the Sequencer S/W as well, if possible. Or would this set up require an Arduino or Raspberry Pi in some fashion?

@MicroLord You’ll likely need their interface:
Since you’ll get an analog output, you can likely follow some of the guide here, for example step 7:
We have not tried that sensor with the SSC-32U.
The sequencer software does not have an analog input (you’ll need to use FlowBotics to modify the app).

Note that the FSR in the link below is the suggested force sensor for the gripper:

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Great info here. Much appreciated. I will try it out an d let you know how I do. Thanks!