Can't program picaxe 20m2


Two days ago, i downloaded a simple debug ADC program onto my picaxe 20m2 to get adc values from an IR phototransistor. Code: main: readadc b.3, b0 debug goto main The program downloaded successfully and a window opened showing the adc values. Then I closed that debug window and made a few changes to my IR phototransistor circuit.

After making some changes I opened programming editor and selected Picaxe-> Debug... The debug window opened again and started showing the adc values, so far so good. But now when I try to download a new program, it shows that same old error that "Hardware not connected, Hardware not powered", etc... I don't understand, the debug is still working properly which means that there is no problem in my usb cable and picaxe. I even tried with new batteries and tried the hard reset as explained in picaxe manual 1, but still the same result. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I also put the same forum at picaxe, here is the link -!-can-t-program-Picaxe-20m2! you may wanna see the replies.

Thank you.

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Got it to work finally!

don’t know whether i was doing the hard reset procedure wrong but it is working properly now

No :frowning:

Again the same situation, it got programmed only once with the blink led code. as debug was working ok before, now the blinking led is working properly but i am not able to program it again :frowning: