Cant find a tutorial!

Hi everyone,

Recently I came across some very good hexapods designed with 6,8 and even 12 servos.I have a duemilanove and would like to build one.

But unfortunately I have not ventured into this domain and my search for a step by step tutorial on google(on multilegged critters like hexapod) and instructables proved futile.Any Links that can help me get started or rather a complete tutorial link would be awesome.Thanks!

I can’t point you to a specific tutorial, but,

there are a number of multi servo hexapods on this site. I am sure some of the posts are fairly complete with respect to construction and code.

Chopstick Junior is just

Chopstick Junior is just 4-legged but I wrote quite a detailed how-to-build.

There are many more just find them and ask the guys who built them.

Wow Thanks Lumi and Bird…

Good to see Mr. Junior.Very Inspiring…Thank You ! Will definitely learn of it.