Cannot connect Lynxmotion (LSS) - 4 DoF Robotic Arm

ive assembled the arm, i just cannot connect it to my program and computer. ive tried looking through the forums but i havent found a single thing. can anyone help?

@bananaman Can you provide a few clear photos of your setup? Without more details, it’s hard to troubleshoot. Some general considerations:

  1. Did you update each of the servo IDs? This is necessary because the servos are all shipped with the same ID, and the software cannot distinguish one from another unless they are each updated one at a time. They cannot all be connected to the same bus (you need to wire one servo to the LSS adapter at a time, update the ID, disconnect it and move onto the next servo, using the LSS Config software.

Assuming you’ve done #1 above, you need to verify that the arm works with LSS FlowArm before we can help troubleshoot that it works with your own custom program.

  1. The LSS Adapter uses an FTDI chip for USB to serial conversion, so ensure you have the right “Virtual Com Port (VCP)” drivers installed for your computer’s operating system:
    Verify by checking Windows Device Manager and navigating to the USB section.

  2. Verify that the USB cable you’re using is working correctly (not only power but data too), and try a few USB ports.

As always, the more details you provide, the easier it will be to help.

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Sorry for the late response, i am just now seeing this. i just updated all the servo IDs, but the lss config does not “obtain telemetry”. does this matter?

It’s important to connect only one servo at a time to the LSS Config when troubleshooting. it would be odd if the Config doesn’t obtain details from the servo, though regarding the graph, you can check to see if it’s set to play or if it’s paused or stopped.