Can these displays be controlled by a Picaxe?

I found these 2 displays in an old cd/casete/radio combo and was wondering if they were worth keeping,
and if they could be controlled using a Picaxe.
I know that a picaxe can control a display buy using a serial interface but these ones dont have that,
they have about 30 pins, not including the ones for the back lite.


I’ve gotten rid of a few of

I’ve gotten rid of a few of those since they appeared to need a chip that was located elswhere on the board. They also seemed like a pain to work with since they were usually mounted in such a way that would make them impossible to remove or use somewhere else without a lot of work.

On the upside, you have a ton of buttons that you could pull from that board! :smiley:

I ve done the same thing

I ve done the same thing for similar reasons but these ones seem like a real dodle to remove, just one row of pins holding it on.

Well I still have the other boards that was in the thing so i assume the driver chips in on one of them, the thing is is it worth the effort or am i just better off the order a serial one form sparkfun.

My opinion, not worth the

My opinion, not worth the time unless you could find more info on controling devices like these. I’d go with one of the SF units as they are pretty much plug and play.

Maybe telefox, oddbot, or someone else would have more insite? :slight_smile:

You can drive them with a
You can drive them with a PICAXE, but you’ll need either lots of pins or some sort of shift register/multiplexer. Expect lots of trial and error time spent trying to decipher the inputs and required voltage bias, unless you get lucky and find a part datasheet.
If you’re using them because you want to see if it can be done, or like using old parts, go for it.
If you want an LCD screen that just works like it’s supposed to, just buy a reliable new one =)

Well its a bit of both, I

Well its a bit of both, I need an LCD and if these were easy to get running I wouldn’t have minded using them.

With exams this year my time is limited for this stuff. I will look for a datasheet but If I dont find one I wont bother that much in trying to get them working.

Thanks for the info and help!