Can I control the SSC-32U via DMX?

I currently have a holiday display using a program call Xlights. It will run DMX controllers and has DMX protocols. My question is can I use a DMX to USB converter in order to control my SSC-32U servo board. I am wanting to make some animatronic skeletons, and I am hopeful i can get this to work. thank you in advance

Hi zachery0603,

The SSC-32U is a device that use serial commands to control up to 32 RC servos using the Lynxmotion protocol.
Unfortunately I don’t know about DMX controllers but I will take more than just an adapter to make them compatible.

If that’s of any help, those softwares are compatible with or SSC-32U:

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Unfortunately, that’s what I was afraid I was gonna be told… I figured I would at least reach out on here and see if anyone had accomplished in the past.

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