Can i change the servo sweep like this (picture attached)?

Hi All,

I want to change the sweep of a servo so it behaves like this (see below picture).  


Does anyone have any clues how i can do this?  Do i just rotate the potentiometer, output gear, and any other gear with the mechanical stop by 90 degrees?  I really hope the potentiometer is not glued on because that is going to make it difficult.

Is another option to use a continuous rotation servo?  Can these servos be made to stop at certain angles, or do they just spin freely?

And then finally, i see that there are some serial servos, like by Dynamixel and Spring RC, these look like continuous rotation servos that are computer controlled, so they can be made to sweep any type of arcs that i need.  But they are expensive and bulky, and i was hoping to do it with normal rc servos. 

Thanks in advance for any ideas and input that can be provided.


You can simply push on the servo horn 90 degrees rotated?


Do this.

Isn’t it bolted

Isn’t your horn bolted/screwed on the servo ?

loosen the bolt, take off the horn.

Put back the horn the way you want, then tighten it again.

Can’t you do that this way ?