Can Arduino shields be used on Picaxe


I'm new to robotics, and just bought my first "LMR start here" robot kit. I haven"t recived it yet, but I am all ready having great plans about how to modify it (as I guess all newbies do).

So I have searched around to see what is out there, and I see that there are a lot of modules (or shields as they seems to be called in the robotics world) that can be conected stright to the Arduino.

So my question is, having just bought a Picaxe-28 Project Board, with a Picaxe-28X1 Microprocessor; can the Arduino shield be used with the Picaxe-28 Project Board?

If so, is that recomended? From what I have read, it seems like Arduino is more powerfull when it comes to programing, so will there be limitations using Arduino shields on Picaxe? And are there any other traps I need to be aware of?

I'm really exited to get started on my first robot, and hope someone out there can give me an answer to my questions.



You need a Picaxe 28X2

You need a Picaxe 28X2 Shield Base (AXE401) to be able to use some Arduino shields.

Hmm… I was afraid of that.

Hmm… I was afraid of that. Does this mean that the 28X1 can’t drive the Arduino shields, or is it just that it doesn’t fit directly into the board? Can I get, say a Vioce shield kit, and conect the pins with wires?

You can always connect any

You can always connect any shield to any board using wires. However, you must take into consideration what are the shield needs and where you find them on the board you want to connect it to.

OK, thanks for the replay. I

OK, thanks for the replay. I guess I have some research to do, then.