Call for reviewers Hexbug Programmable Robotics Spider Kit

Update: 7 October 2015


Thank all of you for your interest and ideas! After the waiting here are the winners for this review:


Congratulations! LMR's team will contact you and arrange the shipping. Please wait for their contact.
For the rest of contestants don´t worry as there are plenty of opportunities coming: two reviews per month means a lot of chances for everybody, keep making robots and participating ;-)



UPDATE: 5 October 2015


Hey there! We´re almost finish for the call for reviewers. This is what is going to happen next:

  1. Anyone has until end of day Tuesday to apply for the calls to reviewers,
  2. reviewers will be chosen Thursday,
  3. and products sent Friday.

Good luck, let´s do our best and LMR! ;-)


How are you dear LMR members!

Making a robot looks very difficult. For that reason robot kits exists: a proven way to start robotics for both newbies and veterans. Discover the basics, the tips and tricks on robotics. Today we have the chance to give away two nice Hexbug Programmable Robotics Spider Kit for your reviews.

This robot gives a secure way to practice robotics: there is no chance to get it wrong, you will have a functional robot straight away. It´s main specs are (full description here):

  • Battery-operated robotic scarab construction kit

  • Customizable programming variations

  • Compatible with VEX IQ parts

  • Color changing LED module

  • Ages: 8+

This kit comprises of a central brain unit, a wireless remote control, electronic motors, six legs, IR distance sensor, LED module and interlocking gears!

If you want to get a chance just tell in a comment:

  1. That you are a member in LMR for 1 month, with at least 1 publication of enough quality (it is at the discretion of LMR to decide that quality, but it’s fair, just try your best!).

  2. Tell about your background related to robotics.

  3. Why you would like to review this Hexbug Programmable Robotics Spider Kit.

  4. It´s not compulsory, but at least that you will consider the “Tips on writing reviews at Let’s Make Robots”, specially videos with LMR intro and end.


Between all contestants LMR will select 2 members who will receive for free and review these nice kit. Good luck!

I would like to review this one, please!

Hello! I have been a member of this community for 5 months, and a long time lurker, too! I have already made 2 publications, and the last one is a review focusing on a new single board computer that is in development right now.

I’m a mechatronics engineer who works with industrial robots in a daily basis, but I also have a part-time job as a teacher in the STEM area, because I want to encourage kids to learn robotics and programming.

I would like to review this kit because I want to explore its potential as a teaching tool. I’m bilingual, so I can actually make two reviews (spanish/english) and I have previous experience at video editing, so it will be easy for me to make a good video featuring the LMR intro.


Thank you for your interest Vexelius!

Also very interesting all you experience and will to make more things in robotics. LMR will check your interest. Thanks!


I cant believe this has only had one person interested!

It looks like a great tool to practice codimg without the need to build a platform to do so. Awesome, if you are all about software and rubbish at hardware like myself :slight_smile:


Hi Craig!

Yes, I thought the same but then I realized that it was posted late Friday, so many people go AFK during weekend and then come back. Anyway, thanks for your interest and you are in for the a chance to review :wink:



I am member of this community for some time now and you can see some of my builds here:

My background is electronics engineering with interest in robotics and I’m a long time hobby robotics enthusiast.

I would like to review “Hexbug Programmable Robotic Spider Kit” to involve kids in buildind and learning techical stuff and of course to see how hackable this kit is in order to make the spider autonomous and/or controllable with a computer or Android device.


Thanks sebathorus!

Very nice projects you share! It looks like you are in for the review. Let´s see from now :wink:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes Please :smiley:


I’m new and have not been a member for more than a month and haven’t written any reviews, But I’ve had my eye on this fellow for a while as being a pretty fun robot project to do with the kids and seeing as it only had mild interests I thought I would post.

I actually came here via the Robot Shop, even though I did see your post on twitter. I’ve been interested in robots and microcontrollers for a while now as a hobby and something fun to play with, although education wise I’m a geology and physics person.

I would have reviewed the Hexbug programmable robotics spider kit mainly because I love robots … and toys… and spending time with my kids, so it’s a win win really. Also I have some of their other products which the kids and I love playing with (such as the mini version of this as well s the light sensitive crab among others).

I will have to make a review I guess so that the next time something comes up I will be ready (or you could just let me get my feet wet with this bad boy).

Oh and yes I will follow any guidelines which relate to the reviews including video reviews.

 Here is a link of some of my video’s which I did a while ago on youtube which are related to electronics/ robots





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Fingers crossed!

Looking forward to hearing the results of this one - I haven’t done anything with walkers before!

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Thank you!!

Cant wait!

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Thank you for choosing me for this review, I’m looking forward to a good build/play session :slight_smile:


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It’s here!!

My Hexbug is finally here!

Expecty review over the next few days folks, amd once again - thank you for the oportunity :slight_smile:

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Super. Looking forward to

Super. Looking forward to it. Have fun.

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I intend to :slight_smile:

Thanks J-Dawg!! :slight_smile:

Building phase completed



 My kit arrived about a week ago, complete and in good shape.

Since then, the robot was built and tested, you can find HERE my post about unboxing, build and first tests.

In the next days I’ll write an other post with more in depth tests.


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