Calibrate touch for Waveshare 10.1 HDMI with Pi / Raspbian

I have a 10" Waveshare touchscreen connected to Pi. For another project the touchscreen works great. The second system has some issues.

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The second one displays video but the touch is weird. The screen will not reliably respond to touches to click buttons. Sometimes the touch will be registering for a different part of the screen.

Pi 3 Model B+ connected to Waveshare 10.1 HDMI LCD (H)
The boot config file has max_usb_current and hdmi config lines.

Any ideas on how to configure touch?
Thanks for any help,

Hi @dondon

I’ve done some research and found that this LCD can be calibrated using a program called xinput_calibrator, as I’m not sure which is the exact model you have I will share the general Wiki which lists the User Manuals, in those you can find the calibration process.

I hope that solves the issues, but in any case please share your results :smile:

The xinput calibrator looks to be the right tool.
The first two X on the top work properly.

The bottom 2 X are out of calibration – and out too far for the utility to re-align.

From the images at wiki it seems i have RTD2660
If you meant something else by version, please explain how to find the information.

Hi again,

No, that is exactly what I meant by the version/model :grinning:

I also found a tutorial that could help you out.

The tutorial is out of date and no longer works.
i can install the software but neither ts_calibrate nor ts_test will run correctly. None of the comments below the tutorial help for my issue.

It is weird that i would need to go through any of this.

The original 7 inch touchscreens and the 10inch touchscreen worked with no more configuration than a few changes to the boot/config.txt file for hdmi.

Touch is still weird and inconsistent. Can we exchange this for an identical unit?

Hi, I’m sorry to read that you are having trouble with your product.

I can try to help. @AudioVOX What do you think?

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