Cabling Nema 23 stepper with brake


I apologies if the question is not in the right category.

We have following motor and brake:

We do not have the cabling for these 2 components and have very limited electronics knowledge.
We are searching for a transformer 230V AC 24V DC in which we could connect the cables of both motor and brake.

The motor supplier proposes a specific power supply/transformer for its part. However, it is not supplied rapidly to Belgium and we are not sure how to connect it in the 230V AC.

Can you please recommend a transformer and cables for the assembly?

I do appreciate your help!!!


These product videos may help you regarding cabling, power supply etc. Applied Motion Products Distributor - AMP Servo & Stepper Motors | Electromate

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Hi rpiloverbd,

Thank you for the tips - i will look into these videos! I did not see them before.

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