C# To Arduino Programming

Good morning LMRian's.

I have purchased my very first Arduino (Uno), and am trying to find a simple "blink" tutorial to use C# (Visual Studio 2012) to the Arduino onboard LED.

Can anyone please recommend any links?

I dont play much with
I dont play much with arduino, but i guess it has a serial port, in which case the c# is quite simple.

Something along the lines of

SerialPort serial = new SerialPort(“COM3”,115200);



The arduino then needs Code that recieves from the serial port, and flahses the led when an ‘A’ arrives.

On the ipad just now so cant test any code.


That works! Thanks for that!

Getting This To Work

So after 2 days of working with the helpful comments here, and searching the rest of the net; I came up with some code. I was having an issue with the location of the setting of the serialPort1 commands to get the light to work.

I asked on StackOverflow (fantastic community of coders), and here is a link to the code that worked for me.

This will be just the start of my coding journey into C# and Arduino, and might post how I go in a blog here? Would that be useful does anyone think? I found getting my Arduino and thinking about how to interface the code a bit daunting at the start, but like all good challenges, once one task is mastered - it’s onto the next until one becomes an “expert” I guess.