C Programming Software for Mac

Hello LMR. I have recently been introduced to programming in the C language. Do any of you know or reccommend any specific software for programming? I am using a Mac Leopard 10.5.7…

on the os cd
Correct me if i’m wrong, but if I remember correctly, eclipse is an optional install package on the leopard CD/DVD.

nope, eclipse is not included on the CD, but Apple includes XCode. Xcode is a suite of tools and has a bunch of languages, like C++, Cocoa, Ruby, and Java I think… (i mean the java, kinda unsure…)

pic and disc…

screenie of the project options:

and I think Xcode is on Install disc 1, but might be 2.


All right thanks for the info…i downloaded xcode and eclipse and they’re both great programs.



Sorry to keep bugging
I just wanted to know which version of xcode tools you were using dant.

well, I don’t know if you should use xcode for robots, it might be kind of hard getting it on the chip. Eclipse/processing might be better