Building plans for the tamiya tiwn motor gearbox

I built my gearbox in the wrong configuration, it was 3 months ago and I lost it... Does anyone have a JPEG a PDF or anything else of the plan for that gearbox ?



Tamiya part number.

From Google image search


Not sure if that will halp., but closest I'd found.

It’s a bit small, and in

It’s a bit small, and in japanese, but I just need to know where to put the axle, it should be ok, thank you!


I just hope I didn’t lost any part…

Robologists picture shows

Robologists picture shows where the axle goes. You can see Aタイプ Bタイプ and Cタイプ pictures with the ratio next to it.

If its still no help I can take a picture and upload. I`ve still got my guide hanging around here.

Send me your email, I’ll
Send me your email, I’ll send JPEG. I can put here if I shink images (650k rigth now).

(No subject)

(No subject)

Thank you all!
The pictures where good enough and I didn’t lost any parts, my gearbox is done, thank you!

Is it possible to get a

Is it possible to get a larger image of this? I can PM you my e-mail… I’ve also lost my instructions, and squinting is hard. :stuck_out_tongue: