Building first robot - parts list

I am trying to build a simple boat. The boat is basically a 3’ X 4’ X 9" plastic float (usually used for floating docks) with 2 motorized paddle wheels. Here is a parts list that I have put together based on the tutorials available on the RobotShop website. I would appreciate it if someone would take a moment to consider the list and let me know if it looks reasonable.

Mightymax ML50-12 Volt 50 AH Battery - 2 @ $109.99

Makermotor 3/8" D Shaft 12V DC Reversible Electric Gear Motor 100 RPM - 2 @ $79.00

#2507 Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for Arduino - 1 @ $119.95

SparkFun XBee Shield - 1 @ $18.50

XBee 3 Module - U.FL Antenna - 1 @ $21.50

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Hi @JSLoveday and welcome to the forum!

On the first quick look, seems OK for me. Do you have a link to the tutorial where this boat has been assembled?

Also, I think you will need an Arduino Stackable Header Kit for SparkFun XBee Shield.

Well, I’m struggling to find the XBee Shield & RF Antenna. I started looking for the kit and that too is sold out everywhere. I’m sure that the XBee is not the only one out there. Do you have any other suggestions?

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Hi @JSLoveday !

Maybe you could use this one as a replacement ?