Building a Mars-like rover for education

Hi everyone!

Complete beginner here, I would like to build a slow rover using the [Bogie Rover] ( suspension kit, with the simplest remote controller as possible (e.g. left right forward backward). The rover should also be able to carry 500g (at least, ideally a bit more like 1kg or 1.5kg). It is meant for fun on a dry ground, no other specific requirements.

I have strictly no experience in building RC vehicles, so first I’m looking for a list of necessary parts, from suspension to remote controller :slight_smile:

As far as I understand, the kit contains wheels and motors, but I will also need a classic remote controller, and a communication system?

I would like to avoid code if possible btw, but maybe that’s impossible? The simpler the better really, I don’t have much time to build it.
And, budget is tight so I can’t afford more than a few hundred $ on this project.

All right, enough talking ^^

Thanks for any help!


It does not look like this robot chassis will be able to carry that much weight. These motors are plastic geared and the wheels are relatively cheap.
It is probably able to carry 500g but I’m not even certain that it will.

You will also need to buy a motor driver and an RC controller if you want a plug and play system. Bringing the cost to almost 200-250$

Take this kit for example:

The payload is around 5 lbs (approx 2.25 kg), it includes the remote and includes 4 x metal-gear motors as well as the motor driver. You only need to add a battery.

Hope this helps.