Building a AJM (Automated Juggler Machine)

Ever since i learnt juggling i wanted to build a machine that could juggle.

Shannon was an inspiration, I wish i was as smart as him. Incidentally i discovered him when I was planning to build a maze

solver robot and looking over the youtube looking for videos of robots done before.

saw this video. I decided to build a maze solver robot which would exprore the area around leaving bread crumbs behind and explore un explored areas. I ended up building obstacle avoidance robot since my idea of attaching an marker on the bottom of bot's body leaving a trace long its path, and implementing line avoidance (line unfollower / anti line follower ) algorithm to explore area. I didnt workout well wtith the materials I had i ended up building obstacle avoider bot. I would go back one day before i leave this planet and complete it.

Comming back to my AJM, here too Shannon has been an inspiration.This video inspired me to simplify the juggling problem and build a juggling machine just like Shannon did.I shared my idea with

. They funded me to build this project of automated juggler with sensors micro controller and stuff. I ended up building a manual juggler disappointing them. I haven't given up though still working on automating this. If you guys have any ideas and suggestion to refine and fine tune the project please let me know in the comments. the juggling path needs to be fail proof and deterministic to be able to automate juggling machine.

Thank you

He has been pretty far down the rabbit hole although he hasn’t solved it completely either.  It is a tough problem.  Maybe Nekojiru will weigh in.

It seems vision might be part of the solution with some AI to help it learn how to best juggle (just an idea).  Maybe Shannon was onto something with the trick being in the hands which capture and then time their release for the ball to be in a certain spot to make it repeatable?   

I will be interested to see how you solve it.  Good luck.


Thanks, done it now

Hi my version of juggling is much low key than that. Done working on it.