Bugg-man the OpenCV ButlerBot (Work in progress)

First robot I have ever built (as you can tell from the "Start Here" sensor/servo) Hudl tablet as screen / RGB camera, android running OpenCV, detects red, green and blue areas and moves towards them avoiding obstacles. Arduino UNO board (as I struggled to get PICAXE to talk to the android tablet) Plan on painting the case black (or 3D print a new one) to keep with the whole suit and tie look. Working on adding a voice, but I just cant seem to create the right "Robot Gentlemen" sound. Being built for a university project but I plan to keep adding to him afterwards as well :)


Look at things

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This is really cool!

How are you integrating the Android tablet to the arduino? 

I used a mini-usb “on the go” cable in the android which connects to the arduinos normal programming cable, then send characters over serial

A bit more detail please?

What is running on the Arduino and the Android to make the data flow? How does the OpenCV work on the Android? 
Do you have any link to information or tutorials for those interactions? 
Any chance you can eventually share your code? 

Sure, the Arduino is using

Sure, the Arduino is using its own serial library, so in your setup you want something similar to   "Serial.begin(9600);“

Then to read whatevers coming over the serial I used a char to store simple instructions like ‘R’ = Right etc  with

” char state = Serial.read();"

I used a library for sending the characters over serial which can be downloaded here - http://www.physicaloid.com/?lang=en

And some really useful OpenCV tutorials can be found here - http://opencv-srf.blogspot.co.uk/p/opencv-c-tutorials.html

Getting C++ to run on android can be a little tricky.

Download the android development tools plugin for eclipse here -  http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html?hl=sk

and look into using the NDK builder to create a native C area of your java code.

Nice tutorial to get you started with OpenCV on android here - http://docs.opencv.org/doc/tutorials/introduction/android_binary_package/O4A_SDK.html


I will be happy to share my code once all my work has been graded, as I dont want my supervisor finding my code online incase he thinks I stole it :slight_smile:

Excellent update! This is

Excellent update! This is just what I needed to get started.

Thanks! I hope you get highest marks on the project!