Brushless (BLDC) - 200 RPM - Stall torque 1,5 kg-cm - Rated torque 0,5 kg-cm


I’m looking for a brushless motor (BLDC) that can run at 200 RPM, 24 V (would be best, but I can work with other voltage), controled with PWM with a stall torque of 1,5 kg-cm and a rated torque of 0,5 kg-cm.

Do you know where I can find one or can you suggest me a motor.

This one is very close but is torque is too strong :

Thank you !

Hello @a1ex and welcome to the RobotShop forum,

The one you linked seems like a very good option. Extra torque shouldn’t be a problem unless you are afraid the motor might damage something else if it stalls. If that’s the case then a better option would be looking for a motor with the torque you need because the speed can easily be slowed down using PWM.

I hope that helps!