Botboarduino software help

I am very new to using Arduino and having a very hard time figuring out what and how to download software to my BotBoarduino.

I am attempting to use it with a ssc-32u and the Lynxmotion PS2 controller

@TeamDarklotusRobotics Welcome to the RobotShop Community.

You indicate you have BOTH an Arduino and a BotBoarduino, which is generally only used with legged robots as opposed to robot arms. What are you trying to control? Just in case - the SSC-32U is NOT programmable and does NOT work with the PS2 remote control.

Wiring example below, but NOTE:

  • The jumpers need to be set correctly
  • The connections between the PS2 receive and the BotBoarduino need to match what’s in the PS2 library example

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yes this is the configuration i am using for a walker, i have a older thread we are talking on ill continue over there thank you