Boosting speakers

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Speakers: How can I boost the sound/tune command from a picaxe to a speaker?

I've got a small 8ohm speaker that I've used in the past, and it works great (as long as the motors aren't droping the voltage) but I want to boost my output. I've also got a much bigger 1 watt speaker I want to use. How would I boost it?

The picaxe manual mentions a TBA820M audio amplifier. Does anyone have any experience with this? Will that be too much wattage for a 1 watt speaker? Hopefully someone can translate the gobbledy-gook on that page into LMR-speak ...

Use the LM386. You can get it from Radio Shack for about 2 bucks and it only needs a cap or two and a pot. It is a great, simple and cheap audio amp. I have used this chip a lot, including some USB powered speakers for my wife’s laptop.

Do I just connect the outpin to it and go?

the circuit you have to build is on the back of the package. Very simple. One input is from the picaxe (or whatever) the other input is the shared ground. Really, it’s just a few componants.

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** Spend 1 hour on your local**

Spend 1 hour on your local internet and you should be able to find an old set of PC-speakers for $4 max, or a new pair for around $. This has an amp in it. Rip it out and connect a 9v battery. Build-time: 5 minutes…

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