Bob Lifts Bear - The Sequel

Especially for Gareth, who requested a sequel. It's all a bit silly, really, but fun making it. My Robonova has a new head, which I've managed to squeeze a servo, led board, and camera into. The camera isn't very good quality, but is an introduction for me in Object Recognition software. Also included is a simple bot using a Picaxe with 3 servos, 2 for driving and one for "Ted". It has all been done using simple delays and timing in both Robonova and "Ted's Truck". The "gun" is a modified ball point pen and party popper. The "bullet" is filed down plastic.

Bob Kills Bear — The Sequel

Bob Kills Bear (and sells him for meat) — The Sequel nice idea by the way

nice, i rate robot theatrics.

nice, i rate robot theatrics.

Thanks for the comments, fellas :smiley:

@ mikv, have you seen this?