Bluetooth serial converter UART interface

Would this part work with MC like Arduino for example?,audio/GP-GC021_Ver1.0_EN.pdf

because if it is then this is very cheap solution for Aduino and BT.

I know its a 3.3v but it can easily be raised to 5 (the Arduino for example has a 3.3v supply)

**Yes **

Looks like it would work to me. You’d connect your RX pin on arduino to TX on the BT module, vice versa for TX arduino --> RX BT. CTS/RTS pins wouldn’t be needed. Power that up, pair it with your pc, and you should be able to use arduino built in Serial.print() functions and such to communicate now.

Seems like a fair price, keep in mind it is a class 2 module, not sure what range you are looking for.

What range is normally
What range is normally associated with class 2 module?

10m I believe.

10m I believe.


Class 1: ~100m

Class 2: ~10m

Class 3: ~1m