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Hi, I would like to use a bluetooth controlled arm to draw the time when prompted to do so. Does anyone know if there is an off the shelf product that will let me do this? I am a novice and wouldn’t be able to do much programing. Thanks. Clockguy.

Hello @Clockguy and welcome to the community,

For writing, I think the best option would be a drawing machine but I’m not aware of any model that works wirelessly and can be triggered by Bluetooth. There are definitely robotic arms that could be used for drawing (although it might an overkill), for example:

There are also other types of robots that could do the job (but not with a lot of precision)

Either way for almost any option you would have to do at least some programming but it should not be that difficult.

I hope that helps!

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Hi Geraldine:
Thanks so much for such a quick and thoughtful response. I’m happy to solve the problem with overkill. Unfortunately the uArm Swift Pro is not in stock at this time. Have a great rest of your day. Clockguy.

The approximate arrival date of the uArm is 2021-11-24.

Or you can also find other options in the Robotic Arms & Grippers section of the store.

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